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Neta Zylbermann

Lab Manager

Developing molecular techniques to study effects of neuromodulation on dendrites

neta.zylbermann @

Benjamin Weiner

PhD Student

Brain mechanisms of ultrasonic vocalizations in mice

bbbwein @

Amir Dudai

PhD Student

The influence of acetylcholine (ACh) on the processing of sensory information. 

amirdud @

Adi Kaduri Amichai

PhD Student

How norepinephrine affects synaptic plasticity in dendrites

adi.kaduri @

Yair Deitcher

PhD Student

How norepinephrine affects dendritic computation in cortex

yair.deitcher @

Stav Hertz

PhD Student

Understanding mice ultrasonic vocalizations using information theory

stavhertz @

David Beniaguev

PhD Student

Modeling single neuron as a deep neural network

david.beniaguev @

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